*About Me*

I'm a twenty-something stay at home mother of 5: A six year old boy that will be referred to as "X"
almost 2 year old twin boys "Big E" and "little e" and newborn twins "O boy" and "O girl."
X was my only full-term baby, and also the only non-NICU baby.
I'm a native of the mid-west now living in sunny Florida.  As the blog name suggests, I'm an upper middle class mom. My husband "T" works hard and in turn is rewarded with a six figure salary that helps us to care for our large family.  I live well, but am modest in my tastes.
Family is of utmost importance in my life and nothing brings me more joy than my children.

Many things and experiences have formed part of who I am and what I believe in.  I'm also passionate about a number of things. Some of these may be discussed at length.
*NICU*Preemies*Life after*
*Pre-Eclampsia*Twin Pregnancy*
*Working mom*Student parent*Stay at home mom*
*Breastfeeding*Exclusively Pumping*Soy-dairy sensitivity*
*Moving*Vacationing*Flying with kids*
*Cloth diapers*Green living*

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